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Peter Seng

Peter (b. 1956) joined the Art Therapy Open Studio in November 2018. His subject matters include waterscapes, self identity, historical events and remembrance. Peter works independently and often conceptualizes and paints from his imagination. He usually begins with a sketch before adding on colours. Through his art, Peter makes meaning of his life circumstances and gain new insights to his challenges. To be able to bring laughter, care and show concern towards others around him brings meaning to Peter. Peter exudes a warm and caring presence and strives to face life’s challenges with positivity. 

The Joker

Mixed media on paper plate

If I were a superhero, my name would be THE JOKER and my superpower would be to bring laughter to all. I can be quite “a joker” at times.



Colour pencil and gouache on paper

This female figure resembles
my god granddaughter.

Lily Pond

Acrylic paint on canvas


This is a lily pond. Can you see a red-crowed crane (红颈鹤), two fishes and a mountain with a waterfall in the background? As I love fishing, fishes and birds often appear in my images. The fishes help to purify the waters.

War of Ourselves and Life

Gouache on canvas


At first glance, this scene reminds me of the Siege of the International Legations (八国联军) of 8 countries (八国)that includes America(美国), Britain(英国), Germany(德国), Japan (日本), Italy (意大利) and Australia (澳大利亚), who jointly fought against the Qing Dynasty. They (especially the Japanese) stole the Qing Dynasty’s antiques. This was how the Japanese language developed! I learned these knowledge while watching the show The Generals of the Yang Family (杨家将).

I am the warrior who is off to a battle. I am at war with my disability, my stroke. My image is unfinished to symbolically mean that I no longer want to fight in this war. I have surrendered and have waved the white flag. The warrior is turning back.

I recalled being most at war with my stroke when I was first admitted to Ren Ci Moulmein Nursing Home. Back then, I would insist on walking 4 blocks daily, which had taken a toll on my body and my Physiotherapist told me I needed to stop. I stopped walking for a year. I understood my own limitations and knew I would not be able to return to how I was before. Learning the use of the electronic wheelchair has provided me with a new lease of hope. For it meant that I would not have to rely on my niece to take me to Church and I could also help other residents to purchase food nearby. I have since found strength in my faith and am appreciative of the care I have received in Ren Ci.

A Warrior Returning Home

Pencil, gouache on paper

This artwork was created in response to my previous artwork, "War of Ourselves and Life". The colour orange alludes to a desert landscape. The warrior has raised the "white flag", he is no longer at war and is on his journey home.


Accompanied by the horse, he is not alone. I liken the horse to those who continue to support and encourage me after stroke. They were very hopeful of my recovery.

"Art making gives me the freedom to express myself."

- Peter Seng


Acrylic paint on round acrylic sheet

I have painted the lily pond, Japanese Koi, two white storks against a blue sky with white clouds (蓝天白云). I long for the freedom I once had when I was overseas. I miss fishing and hope to fish and see the sea again. Every time I look at the sea and hear the waves crashing, it is as though my worries are being washed away. This is a picture of calm and freedom.

Wild Life

Acrylic paint on round acrylic sheet

Elephants are the strongest and largest. They too, move as a family. Family unity is very important to me. I like nature and have seen elephants when I visited the Singapore Zoo.

I have depicted a male and a female elephant; they are part of a family. Whenever I am faced with challenges, I am strong and I persevere. I can be stubborn and do things my own way and learn that this is a weakness that I hope to work on.

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