Liow Cha Bow

Cha Bow (b. 1956) began her artistic journey in 2017 and has been an Open Studio member since November 2018. Cha Bow’s colourful creations often capture her love for her family which brings her happiness and is close to her heart. Other themes that Cha Bow explores include fruits, food and the music she loves.

Liow Cha Bow
春天 Spring

Pompoms, acrylic paint, pipe-cleaners and stickers on paper plate


My superhero name is 春天 (Spring) and my superpower is to bring people happiness and joy (“带给人高兴和开心”). I’m the happiest when my son and daughter visits me. Red is my favourite colour, and the colour of happiness, joy and maternal love (“开心,高兴,母心”).

My Family

Colour pencil on canvas

我的家 My House

Coloured pencil, yarn on canvas

This is my house at Xin Ming Road. I live on the 7th floor with my family. My home brings me happiness.

我的家 My Home

Colour pencil on paper

Xin Ming Road House

Colour pencil on paper

葡萄 Grapes

Clay and acrylic paint

I enjoy eating grapes, especially green grapes.

陶瓷 Ceramics

Clay, paint, paper

I have created a red bowl and 11 peanut biscuits. My son had bought me a box of peanut biscuits last year. 


I enjoy eating peanut biscuits. Creating these shapes with clay brings back memories of making pink “ming kueh”. All these cookies are for me to eat!

心情好 Feeling Good

Feathers on paper

These chicken feathers bring back childhood memories of how my aunty used to rear chickens during the kampong days.

山 Mountain

Oil pastels on paper

This is a free drawing of mountains. I am reminded of Mount Faber.


Mixed media on round acrylic sheet

I am optimistic, intelligent and cute. I like the colours blue, orange, grey, red, green, yellow, pink and brown. This wheel design captures my personality and all my favourite colours. My wheel reminded me of a 光碟 (CD Rom). My favourite singers are 尤雅, 张学友, 刘德华 and 费玉清 (You-ya, Jacky Cheung, Emil Chau and Fei Yu Qing) while my favourite song is “ 爱你一万年” by 尤雅. I love my husband, son, daughter, and brother-in-law. Love and family are important to me.

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