Siew Keow (b. 1963) joined the Art Therapy Open Studio in November 2018. She often greets the group with a cheery smile and a wave. She prefers working with tactile materials like mosaic tiles, sequins and Perler beads but has also explored weaving, painting and creating 3 dimensional artworks. Siew Keow is often enthusiastic about attending studio sessions, is highly invested in her art making process and is usually the last to leave the studio. She works with repetition and quiet determination to create vibrant pieces.

Lee Siew Keow

siew keow 1.jpg
兴奋超人 Excited Hero

Mixed media on paper plate

My superhero name is Excited Hero (兴奋超人). Cha Bow shared on my behalf that she often found me excitable (兴奋) when it comes to participating in activities. The rose blooms (玫瑰花开). I love roses!


Weaving with found fabric and 

synthetic yarn


Perler beads

"You can do anything here!"

- Siew Keow

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