David Tan

David (b. 1950) is one of the pioneering members of the Art Therapy Open Studio since its inception in July 2018. Through Art Therapy, David has discovered his flair for creative expression and developed his new found identity as an artist. David strives to think out of the box in his art practice and finds meaning in sharing with others his experiences living with Parkinson’s. David’s most recent artistic achievement was when he was invited to create and present an original artwork to Mr Chee Hong Tat, Guest-of-Honour for National Neuroscience Institute Brain Awareness Day 2019. David has since returned home to the community and continues to attend the Art Therapy Open Studio upon discharge from the Short Stay Unit.

"Art helps me to occupy my time, get myself going and challenge my mind."

- David Tan



Mixed media

If I were a superhero, my superhero name would be Superflower, where my super- power is to help others. I hope to share my experiences living with Parkinson’s to help others with similar experiences.

My mask resembles the sun and sunflowers. Sunflowers remind me of bright days and spring time. They appear in cartoons too where there

are a lot of children.

When I was a child, I swam in the Whampoa River!

Be Strong, Be Determined, Live On

Watercolour on canvas

Bamboo represents resilience and strength. Like the bamboo, I am firm and strong. I hope to encourage people living with Parkinson’s and other conditions to keep up their fighting spirit when they face challenges.


Be strong,
be determined, live on.


David presenting his artwork to Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry

"Art gave me challenges and 

show me I can achieve"

- David Tan

Safari Animals

Mixed media on round acrylic sheet

I was inspired by Anthony’s origami animals and wanted to try something different this time. Whatever strikes my mind, I create it. I feel happy. This way of art making is new to me, I wanted to do something different from everyone. I image the wheel turning and the animals marching one after another.

"Be happy, enjoy yourself, draw it!"

- David Tan

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