Jesse Chan

Jesse Chan

Jesse (b. 1942) joined the Art Therapy Open Studio in June 2019. Jesse enjoys creating with Perler beads and is precise and methodical in her approach. She is always up for a challenge and opportunities to try new Perler beads designs. Jesse’s creations often brings her joy and a sense of accomplishment. She finds meaning in sharing and gifting her creations to people around her including her Residential Care Associates and nurses at the Short Stay Unit. Jesse often affirms the efforts of her fellow members and carries with her a sense of curiosity towards the works of others. 



Perler beads

This is an eagle. This was very difficult to accomplish but I did it and was very happy! I was very excited to have this framed up.

"I like how the [art therapists] go along with the people, their ideas... learning something new in the hospital."

- Jesse

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