Hamzah bin Ahmad

Hamzah (b. 1967) joined the Art Therapy Open Studio in January 2019. He is self-directed and works at a quick pace. Hamzah’s artworks often reflect the themes of identity through reminiscence.  



Mixed media on paper plate

If I were a superhero, I would be named KAMAL. My superpower would be to cook great food.
I used to go on camping trips with my teenage friend Kamal at Semakau, for 4 days 3 nights. I would fish while Kamal would cook. My favourite food is mee goreng, nasi goreng and beef rendang. I am a helpful person.

Playing Football


Acrylic on canvas

My art captures the memory
of playing football as a 10 year old at a primary school with my friends. Some of my friends would have been married by now. This image brought back pleasant memories.



Marker on paper

My artwork is about my first job working on board a cargo ship named Cable Ship where I supervised 10 men and worked on the deck. The ship travelled all over the world, to America, Europe, Arab, Canada, Japan, and Germany. I fell from the ship when retouching chipped paint and fell from a height of 7 storeys high when I was in my 30s. I was sent to a hospital in India where I was unconscious for 1 day, I was then sent back to Singapore the day after. Both my parents had passed away when the incident happened. This was my first job and I held one job this lifetime. Due to the fall, half my body is paralysed and my memory was also affected.

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