Lim Chin Seng

Lim Chin Seng

Chin Seng (b. 1935) is the newest member of the Art Therapy Open Studio. He is often invested in art making, creating spontaneously and with determination to achieve his artistic vision and intention. Ah Seng is one who strives to achieve to the best of his abilities. He is interested in the process of art making and adopts an experimental way of working. Chin Seng enjoys sharing about chinese history and is a self-taught chinese calligrapher. 


Lunar New Year Greetings

Chinese Calligraphy

Mr Lim was invited to create 2020 Lunar New Year couplets for Ren Ci Hospital. He first picked up calligraphy at home when he was bored previously. He is self-taught and have not written formally since 10 years ago until he embarked on this new art project.  

This series of 10  Lunar New Year couplets was displayed at Ren Ci Hospital in January 2020.

"Never would I have imagined to have this (solo CNY art exhibition) happen to me! I'm sure I will do better the next time I write."

- Lim Chin Seng

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