Art Therapy Open Studio

What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is an approach in Art Therapy where group members gather regularly in the same space to work on their own artwork at their own pace. Any sharing of the work is done on an individual basis with the Art Therapist in an atmosphere that is informal and relaxed.

At the heart of the Open Studio, is the celebration of diversity and the creation of a creative community. Members of different abilities are encouraged to be involved in meaningful creative making within a supportive, empathetic learning environment.

Who are the Open Studio members?

In Ren Ci, members consist of residents of the nursing home and members of the community who were once staying at the Short Stay Unit for a period of time. These members were referred for various reasons, including challenges developing healthy relationships with others, self-empowerment through the artist-identity, grief and loss, or a need for therapeutic intervention within a group context (learn more about Art Therapy here). 

How do members use this space? 

Members from Ren Ci's Art Therapy Open Studio have used the space in various ways: 


  • encouraging spontaneity,

  • ordering one's experience visually and verbally,

  • coping with rumination,

  • meaningful occupation,

  • reminiscence,

  • confidence building,

  • self-awareness,

  • working with fantasy and the unconscious,

  • working through grief and loss,

  • the freedom to experiment and test out ideas,

  • increase personal autonomy,

  • artistic development and the expansion of creativity.

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