Anthony Tan

Anthony (b. 1941) joined the Art Therapy Open Studio in September 2019. He is enthusiastic about origami craft and had also shared his knowledge with fellow Open Studio members by leading a session on origami.


Anthony’s creations are well received and often leaves fellow members fascinated! Anthony enjoys art and believes it is a good activity to help keep his mind active. As a former resident of the Short Stay Unit, Anthony has since returned home and continues to nurture his creative spirit by attending the Art Therapy Open Studio.

Anthony Tan


Star Wheel

Acrylic paint on round acrylic sheet

Like the design in my art, I am organised, I like to plan and am neat. I am reminded of my stay at Tan Tock Seng Hospital where I got to create a painting for the first time and it was very enjoyable. For this piece, I enjoyed the painting process and find it relaxing.

My favourite colour is green and I am good in art. Art making helps me to keep my mind active!


One Family


Wrapping paper

Peacock, rabbit, dog, elephant, wildboar, tortoise, swallow, rat, goldfish

I first picked up the art of origami in 2018 after attending origami sessions held at the National Library. I chose to create these animals as they are unconventional and more challenging (I enjoy a good challenge).

My favourite piece is the peacock, it is most like me. The peacock can be folded in a variety of ways and can be complex and challenging to create. I hope to learn how to create the tail in time. When the peacock spreads its tail, it looks more beautiful than a flower! Although origami folding can be time consuming and effortful, I often create them and gift my origamis to others to bring happiness to them.

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