The Art Circle is Ren Ci@Ang Mo Kio’s second group Art Therapy show by members from the Art Therapy Open Studio. The naming of the Art Circle illustrates how members have come to find a sense of belonging in this shared space since its inception in 2018, as they continue to restore their imagination and creativity and undergo a time of positive development, even assuming the identity of an artist.

Within the safe therapeutic space of the Art Therapy Open Studio are opportunities for a true sense of community and a shared purpose to grow. Relationships between each member and the artist within, or the self with the soul is nurtured.

Art can hold and express all that it means to be a human. Artistic self-expression is cherished and enjoyed here. It is a place of all possibilities. The making and doing, the experimenting and succeeding, alongside others makes art-making a truly healing experience.

The art show celebrates the works of 15 members from diverse backgrounds, who have come together to create, contribute, connect and communicate in the year 2019. We hope these artworks would capture your imagination as much as they have captured ours.

"The Art Circle refers to the parameters of the Open Studio space. Art making within this circle is a joyful experience."

- David Tan

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